You&mei is the opposite of fast, mass-produced fashion. It is proudly 'slow' fashion. It is an intimate connection across the world between two people who will never meet. It is a conscious decision by the purchaser of each garment to choose meaning in what they put on their bodies.

You&mei identifies the individual creator of the garment on the tag. As an ethical brand, You&mei is working towards sustainable, ecologically sound sourcing of raw materials.

There is a direct connection between the wearer of the garment and the girl who actually made it.

You&mei is for the socially conscious fashion lover, who chooses mindfully, and carefully curates elements of their life.

You&mei has a collection using only natural cotton fibres, handwoven and locally sourced within Myanmar.
You&mei also has a collection using traditional Myanmar material which is hand woven and designed by the Myanmar locals. It takes a period of two days to hand weave enough material for one garment.