Meet the Girls



Thae Thae- Thae Thae' is 24 years of age and her story is one worth knowing. She was orphaned at a young age and has dedicated her life to caring for her younger brothers as well as her entire community. Thae Thae leads the you&mei workshop and with her extraordinary sense of teamwork and ability to connect with each and every human being, she is the perfect role model for the other girls. When the girls were asked "Who is your idol?" They all replied "Thae Thae because of her kind and generous heart." The you&mei team recently celebrated Thae Thae's birthday with a Panda decorated cake. It was Thae's Thae's first ever birthday celebration and one of the best days of her life.

What excites her about the you&mei project is knowing that people around the world will be wearing her creations and knowing that she made them with her own hands.

Shwe- Shwe is 18 years old and lives in a tree house. When the wind blows, the fragile structure rocks and shakes. She lives with her mother, grandfather and sister and there is not always enough food to eat. It is not unusual for her family to go several days without their staple food, rice. Shwe was a good student who loved going to school but was forced to leave early after her father died. She is excited by the opportunity with you&mei to dream her old dreams of being a lawyer who helps fight for people’s rights. Shwe used her first payments from you&mei to enrol at university to study law. She starts in September. We are extremely proud of her. She is very hard-working and is determined to change her life for the better. Her favourite thing is to ride her bicycle.
Wei Wei- Wei Wei is 23 years of age. She lost her mother when she was very young and being a part of the you&mei team often brings her to tears as she "has never experienced immense love before." Her skills rank highly amongst the girls making her a great mentor and leader for the younger you&mei members. Wei Wei has a heart of gold and is always looking out for others. Wei Wei is changing the world one act of kindness at a time.


Zin Moe- Zin Moe is 14 years of age. She is the youngest of 8 children and her mother is straining to provide for her large family without adequate support. Zin Moe loves to be well groomed and is meticulous with her outfits. Every day she wears the traditional painted face markings that are typical in her region and reflect the deep spirituality of her community. She loves hugs and being with her friends and is looking forward to the steady incremental payments from You&mei which will enable her to continue with her education.


Su- Su is the most mischievous young woman in the initial you&mei group and is stepping up to be the second-in-charge of the home workshop. She is full of fun and humour and loves to have a laugh. Married early, she is now 20 years old and has heavy responsibilities in caring for herself and her father (who is frequently unwell). Her husband left some time ago to seek work in another city far from her village. Su adores all things pretty and eye-catching, she particularly loves sparkly shoes.


May- May is a sweet and shy 17-year-old who is close friends with Su. She is always working to help others and she is usually found behind the scenes quietly performing acts of kindness. Other than learning how to sew, May's favourite part of the You&mei program is the English lessons. May has always wanted to learn English so she can travel to Australia one day. You&mei is an opportunity that is changing her life and helping her to consider dreams for her future.

Htet Htet- Htet Htet is 15 years old. She likes to take her time when learning new things. Htet Htet is always looking out for her teammates and making sure everyone is happy. She is full of giggles and laughter and when you spend time with her that positive energy is very contagious. She dislikes travelling out of her village. We discovered that she experienced severe motion sickness when we took her on her first car ride.  She was very relieved to eventually get back home which is where she hopes to stay through earning a sustainable income from you&mei. Htet Htet loves lollipops.


Ei Ei- Ei Ei is 20 years of age. She is a very quick learner and is determined to improve her skills and quality of life through you&mei. She is very softly spoken but when you catch her in her element, it's delightful to watch. Ei Ei is the newest member of the you&mei team and we are excited to see her progress throughout the program.
Mar Thaw- Mar Thaw is a Mentor, friend and important companion to our you&mei girls. She is responsible for coordinating the project on the ground in Mandalay and making sure all processes run smoothly. Mar Thaw faced many struggles throughout her childhood and hopes that no one has to experience what she went through. For this reason, she has dedicated her time to helping our girls overcome these challenges to ensure that they don't have to face those same struggles growing up. Mar Thaw genuinely loves helping people and it's her dream to visit Australia one day. We hope to make that dream come true.
Ah Shuang- Ah Shuang is our seamstress who is teaching the girls and guiding them to being independent with their skills in cutting and sewing. She hopes that they will all be capable of running their own sewing businesses one day. Ah Shuang has a beautiful connection with the girls. They adore her and they think of her like a mother as well as their teacher. Ah Shuang believes we were brought together to make a deference in this world. Without her, this would not be possible.
Na Na- Na Na is the girls English teacher for the you&mei program. She is full of compassion and wants only the best for our girls. It is like listening to a song when she teaches, her melodic voice captivates the girls in their lessons. They look up to Na Na. She loves them and they love her. 
Dr Thant- Medical Practitioner. Studied at Birmingham Hospital UK. Dr Thant also provides the you&mei girls with nutritional support and guidance.
Wah Wah- Business Coach.